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Global EEG Norms

With the increase of large collaboration and data sharing, EEG data faces the critical barrier of replicability and data pooling problems. Especially for quantitative EEG (qEEG) analysis. the characterized age-frequency distribution of log-spectrum may lose reliability for clinical diagnosis when people gather datasets from different sites recorded at a different time with varying data acquisition protocols because of batch effects. These issues must be addressed and further factors identified on a global scale.

Malnutrition and Brain Development

This project will exhance the studies on malnutrition in early life and its long-term effects on mental health and brain development over the lifespan and across generations. The initial project will focus on the Barbados Nutrition Study, a 50+ year longitudinal study that has followed the children with histories of malnutrition, their offspring and grandchildren and identified intergenerational effects of early life malnutrition and associated behavioral and mental health outcomes. An important aspect is the identification of early brain biomarkers of child malnutrition that predict adverse mental health outcomes in middle and late adulthood.

COVID-Induced Brain Dysfunction

COVID-19-Induced Brain Dysfunction (CIBD) will cause strain on world health systems as a result of the heterogeneity of manifestations. Neural, psychological, and social factors must be disentangled for effective population-level management of CIBD. This requires international cooperation leveraging open science and neurotechnologies appropriate for health systems. This project will attempt to organize an international collaboration towards this goal.

Global Longitudinal Study on Child and Adolescent Brain Development

Following in the footsteps of the several successful longitudinal projects that characterize early brain development, it becomes evident that a similar project must be launched to increase the national diversity of the subjects studied. The project of this study aims to draft such a project adapting the measurements to the LMIC, as well as offering health solutions as part of the program.

Biomarkers of Parkinson's disease for Global Health

This project will build upon the success of the ENIGMA project in enhancing neural imaging genetics through meta-analysis. In this case, technologies such as EEG and other useful measures in LMIC will be considered to expand the usefulness of the results obtained.

Biomarkers of Dementia for Global Health

This global project is directed towards the early detection of dementia based on EEG technologies and accessible multi-omics studies. This project attempts to gather and share global data focused on early disease stages to facilitate the development of disease progression models that will allow the management of this pathology in all socioeconomic settings.