GBC Mission

The mission of the GBC is to address the challenges that need to be overcome to drive multinational collaborative efforts in support of Global Precision Brain Health. The GBC aims is to strengthen linkages between like-minded neuroscientists across borders and disciplines to build a fluid and connected global research community that is better able to advance equitable solutions to priority health challenges worldwide; including pathways for collaborative experimental standards, and FAIR data-sharing and analysis of multi-modal imaging data, starting with EEG. With a general orientation towards the brain health and brain research challenges in low- and middle- income countries (LMICs), the GBC aims to reduce disparities in health outcomes.

GBC Vision

  • Strengthening the capacity of global health researchers, institutions and systems.
  • Actively coordinating, brokering, partnering, mentoring and facilitating among global, national and local actors.
  • Influencing the policy process within and between high-income countries (HICs) and low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), such as pathways for FAIR data-sharing of multi-modal imaging data, starting with EEG.
  • Strengthening a network of connected, neuroscientists in Canada, LMICs and HICs.
  • Incubating groups pursuing a particular global health research issue and then devolving responsibilities to dispersed HIC and LMIC institutions across the globe.

Steering Committee

Gary Egan,
Monash University

Maryann Martone,

JB Poline,
McGill University

Katrin Amunts,

Alan Evans,
McGill University

Jane Roskams,

Pedro Valdes-Sosa,

Bartha Knoppers,
McGill University

Paul Thompson,

Greg Farber,

Dezhong Yao,