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Survey developed by GBC Workgroup 6 on Clinical Applications of EEG and needs of the community:

Actual bioethical, clinical, and information technology barriers to be overcome for the clinical translation of EEG biomarkers and neurological and psychiatric diseases of interest

  • We invite experts in clinical translation of EEG biomarkers, societies of clinical neurosciences, patient advocates, Public Health organizations, pharmaceutical companies, ICT companies, etc. to complete the survey.
  • Survey results will be used to develop Global Brain Consortium consensus position papers on a roadmap for the introduction of the most promising and novel EEG biomarkers for use in public health systems with an emphasis on underserved populations in all countries, especially in low- and middle-income countries.
  • Our goals are to improve good medical practice and prevention/screening/intervention clinical trials using EEG biomarkers, promoting sustainable neurological and psychiatric care systems, with a special attention to applications for low to middle income countries.